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    Наскоро.........X-sim нова генерација


    X-SIM Team Presents The Future:

    X-SIM Adapters Second Generation

    X-SIM 2nd Gen Micro for iPhone 4
    X-SIM 2nd Gen Nano for iPhone 5
    X-SIM 2nd Gen SIM for HTC/Nokia/Others
    * Use original SIM Tray enabled - no special SIM tray needed - Suitable for all, Apple and non Apple phones
    * Update-able via current X-SIM Update dongle - special Nano&SIM Flex adapter soon available
    * iOS6 supported / all Nokia, HTC FWs supported
    * All current baseband supported
    * World's No1 Nokia 20-digit HASH solution
    * World's No1 Nvidia Tegra based phones solution

    Let's welcome iPhone5 adapters, let's conclude new iPhone4 adapters are much more end-user-friendly and let's say Hello to Worlds First Nokia 20-digit and HTC/Other brands with nVidia Tegra CPU SIM adapters.
    На BokUre и trte-mrte им се допаѓа ова.

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